15 Myths You Probably Still Believe About Your Body But Shouldn’t


We hear people, IN 2019,  still explaining some fairly obvious things about the body as being caused by any number of age-old beliefs from last century or older. As we learn more about the human frame, and are able to test more of the science behind everyday occurrences we grow wiser about the workings of the body. Many of these are based on folk knowledge and passed down generation. We debunk some popular myths about our bodies.

1/15 – You Need Eight Hours of Sleep Per Day

a girl sleeping in her bed

Different people need differing amounts of sleep, and how much you need is unique to your body, age, physical fitness level, time of year and many obvious, and not so obvious, factors. People can cope well having between 4 and 12 hours of good sleep. (non-REM,REM), though sleeping too much or too little can have health consequences.

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