Eat For Your Bones - Top Food Choices For Healthy And Strong Bones

As you age, irrespective of gender, your bones weaken and you may experience a decline in your bone density which may lead to serious health conditions. However, it’s not a lost cause. There are simple things you can do to build and maintain healthy bones without looking too far. Like your diet for example - foods are just lying around your kitchen or the grocery store around the corner. This article compiles a non exhaustive list of 15 foods you should consider and incorporate into your daily diet for healthy and strong bones.


two jars of yogurt and two spoons on a table.
The Splendid Table

In the healthy and strong bones business, calcium and vitamin D are key players and foods like yogurt are fortified with them. Having yogurt daily will fill your bones with the minerals and vitamins it needs to strength and health. Always read the nutritional information and aim for yogurts with the most calcium and vitamin D components.


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