They Call It Food, We Call It Trend


After many years of fashion trends, fashion weeks and fashion catwalks, now the spotlight’s on just one main actor: food. We’re living in a wave of cuisine influences, which come both from tv programs and social media or general mediatic environment. As a result, these bombs of food information are clearly visible at every corner of the street and at every ready-to-go food court. Even though you’re not very interested in this growing phenomenon, it’s almost impossible that you miss the increasing food market transformation.

We like challenges and selecting just some of the numerous 2019 food trends it’s a challenge itself. Let’s have a look at our top-16 ranking!

1/18 – The vintage

Vintage style book

Readers, forgive Gwyneth Paltrow for she knows not what she did. Believe it or not, the actress’ My recipe book has launched a real food trend. The concept behind vintage stays with the idea of “raw and genuine”. Let’s abandon pots and stoves and go back to the origin, preferring a lack of cooking to better preserve food nutrients.

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