15 Post Workout Hair Hacks


You have exactly 10 minutes after your workout to get to the next thing on your busy agenda. These quick hair hacks will have you ready for even a smart engagement requiring some polish and a “put-together” appearance.

Most healthy hair can be managed with a 10 minute “workout” session after a shower. These hairstyles were chosen because none require hair styling equipment, and many can be pulled off with minimal effort.

1/15 – Short,“just out of bed hair looks

a girl with short,“just out of bed hair looks

Short hair is easy. Or so they say. But anyone with short hair knows it actually takes a bit of effort to pull off that “just out of bed” hair. Requires some mousse or wax to stay in,or out, of place.

On the other hand, we are a lot more open about how we wear our hair generally, so literally stepping out of the shower with a brief towel dry and tousled toss could work. This look is fairly seasonal, as short hair is more popular in the hot season. The variations are endless from the classic military crop to short, sassy and elegant.

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